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The hype microservices. Should I switch to it?

Feb 28, 2020thoughts

Microservices is an architectural and organizational approach to software development where software is composed of small independent services

Top Google's coding competitions you must know

Feb 28, 2020thoughts

Performing well in one of the following Google's competitions is a every good start on the way to get a job at Google

How to become a Software Architect?

Feb 28, 2020thoughts

The process of becoming a software architect does not happen overnight. As a team lead, I realized what to do and how to deal with stress only a year after I was appointed to an official position

Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer, Part 7: The Mobile

Feb 22, 2020thoughts

An overview look at current mobile development landscape including 4 major platforms

Cracking The Frontend Interview, Part 5: React

Feb 15, 2020reactthoughts

React is the hottest technology in web development nowadays, working on it is exciting but preparing for interviews is really a pain in the neck

Cracking The Frontend Interview, Part 4: JavaScript

Feb 08, 2020javascriptthoughts

JavaScript is the heart of web development, be prepared to be asked multiple confusing advanced concepts about it during frontend interview

Cracking The Frontend Interview, Part 3: CSS

Oct 22, 2019cssthoughts

An overview look at core CSS topics that help you ace the frontend interview

On Expectation of Technical Blogging

Oct 08, 2019thoughts

Starting a technical blog is easy but maintaining it for a long period of time is a pain in the neck

On temptation of Dark Mode

Oct 02, 2019thoughts

You don't know whether Dark Mode is overhyped or necessary but you know there is a real temptation of adding it to your sites

Imposter syndrome self-diagnosis

Sep 30, 2019thoughts

People say Impostor Syndrome makes you feel like an intellectual fraud. Are you suffering from this phenomenon?